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Tired of all the inefficiency inherent in the filing and storage of your paper documents?  Solve your paper storage issues and achieve greater productivity - by going digital!

It is the mission of our Melken Solutions unit to deliver the utmost professional document scanning and conversion services to each of our many federal, state, and commercial clients. We strive to be the best in our field regardless of the pedigree, tenure or inclinations of our competitors.  It is also our goal to be the finest service of it’s kind in the eyes of our valued customers as judged not only by the quality of our service, but also by understanding, friendship, integrity and value.


We provide document scanning services for a wide variety of documents types including government documents, medical records, legal documents, insurance documents, financial/accounting records and more.


In addition to scanning documents, we also provide scanning of photographs, film, slides, negatives and books.


Our approach is flexible as we offer on-site scanning, off-site scanning and the ability to scan documents onsite but in Melken's self-powered, self-contained mobile office.


At Melken™ Scanning Services, we make every effort to maintain the security and confidentiality of your data.  We are HIPAA Compliant and cleared to handle all type of sensitive material. Our entire work force is trained and monitored on HIPAA privacy, security, and confidentiality. Our facility is monitored 24/7 to ensure that no breech of protected data ends up in the wrong hands.


Document Conversion

Everyone knows the world is evolving from physical to digital records. The question of course is, which documents should you convert and what is the most cost-effective and efficient route? Document conversion has a reputation for being expensive and difficult to cost-justify. Yet, the conversion from paper to digital is critical if a business, wants to remain efficient and competitive.


Document Conversion Services from Melken™ Scanning Services  can help you understand and realize that a new era exist for your organization to streamline your ability to store, access and manage documents, while cutting cost and stress.


Melken™ Scanning Services can help your organization establish a fast, efficient process for the bulk conversion of existing records to electronic form, increasing accessibility and reducing—or even eliminating—onsite or offsite storage requirements.


Forensic Search 

The essential goal of forensic search is to organize, analyze, and present case materials through computer systems. Our full range of services, running the gamut from legal records management and web hosting to eDiscovery. The span of government litigation continues to increase, while staff and resources continue to be extremely limited. Whether large or small, a lawsuit or internal government investigation requires great effort to manage and coordinate, from the massive task of managing documents, such as: 


 Paper & Document Scanning

Melken's client base includes the medical and healthcare communities, local, state and Federal government entities and private industry. Utilizing sophisticated high-speed scanners, Melken Solutions has the capacity and technical expertise to help manage any document conversion.


 Medical Records Scanning 

As an increasing number of Healthcare Organizations implement EMR and EHR Systems, the importance of Medical Records Scanning is growing exponentially. Many Practices and Clinics are confronted with the reality that scanning all of the legacy patient chart information is often a bigger challenge than initially expected.  Our team of professionals can help with every step of the process. 


Microfilm / Microfiche 

Melken Scanning Services utilizes state-of-the-art production microfilm scanners to provide quality digital images from your microfilm. We can scan all types of microfiche formats from 16mm and 35mm jackets to 48x COM Fiche. We can provide both bi-tonal and grayscale images. We scan 16mm and 35mm film on rolls or cartridges. We can handle duplex or simplex film. We provide both bi-tonal and grayscale images from microfilm. 


Architectural Drawing

Melken provides Large Format Scanning Services, Wide Format Scanning or Blueprinting scanning services of architectural, mechanical, construction and engineering drawings plus paper to CAD conversion services. 


Engineering Drawings 

Melken provides Large Format Scanning Services, Wide Format Scanning or Blueprinting scanning services of architectural, mechanical, construction and engineering drawings plus paper to cad conversion services.


508 Conversion

The standards of Section 508 compliance dictate that all digital publications distributed online must be fully accessible and

usable by individuals with sensory disabilities. Document remediation is the process of converting a normal digital publication into a resource that is accessible to individuals with visual and auditory disabilities.


Our Section 508 compliance team provides reliable and cost-effective 508 remediation solutions. We believe that accessibility is more than just about compliance with legal guidelines.


Accessibility is about providing unhindered access to information and resources. Accessibility and

508-compliance remediation services are really about one simple thing: people with disabilities deserve access

just like everyone else.


 Onsite & Offsite Services 

We provide on-site services at our client’s convenience by providing all the materials required such as our scanners, laptops, and other materials needed to complete the tasks. Our off-site services are done in our office provided with the equipment required.


 Epub conversion 

EPUB reader can optimize text for a particular display device. EPUB also supports fixed-layout content. The format is intended as a single format that publishers and conversion houses can use in-house, as well as for distribution and sale.  


 Photograph Scanning (B&W or Color)

Photo scanners are smaller than general-purpose scanners but offer high resolution. A typical photo scanner is a sheet-fed scanner that can scan 3x5-inch or 4x6-inch photographs at 300 dpi or higher resolution. Some high-end photo scanners can also scan negatives and slides. 



We think that a highly trained technician with a good eye and a terrific set of hands should examine every single slide you send us. This way, you don't have to make a hard choice between being able to afford to preserve all your memories, and being able to preserve them well. At Melken, you can do both. 


 Book Scanning                      

Process of converting physical books and magazines into digital media such as images, electronic text, or electronic books (e-books) by using an image scanner.



Accuracy along with competency in spelling and grammar form the basis for quality transcription. We help you present a professional image by providing proofed, accurate transcription with corrected grammar and spelling. If verbatim content is the goal, we will not alter grammar. 



Redaction may also be referred to as “sanitization” or “document cleansing” is the process of removing from or hiding sensitive information in documents. These can include documents in the public record, such as vital records that contain details about births and deaths, land records that may contain personally identifiable information such as Social Security Numbers, telephone numbers and financial information, and court records that can detail sensitive financial and personal information.


“Our record and document scanning solutions will empower your organization's processes by converting your paper based information into digital assets.”

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